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Finally there is a new FDA approved diet pill that could be released – the diet pill, or drug is yet to be named.

You have no doubt read about it in the press. The Daily Mail the BBC have articles on their respective websites.

The Food and Drug Administration of US has given the nod to it in an attempt to fight obesity on a world wide stage.

It is over a decade that the last FDA approved drug has been introduced and so information surrounding it is in demand which has lead to some reports giving slightly erratic information

How it works

Like a majority of prescription only diet drugs, it suppresses your appetite. You do not feel the cravings or recurring hunger pangs. One of the active ingredients of this drug is phentermine which acts as the suppressant.

Another ingredient is the known epilepsy medication topiramate which gives the user a feeling of being full and satiated. In many previous drugs, phentermine have been used but as a stand-alone element it caused problems in the heart valve. But in the proprietary blend it is not just safe but also tested for effective weight loss.


Has been tested to be a durable and modest drug. It can cut down your weight from 8% to 10%. For a resilient individual, the pill starts showing its impact within ten to twelve weeks. It also helps in controlling weight related problems like diabetes and high blood pressure.  It works best when its intake is combined with a healthy diet and regular exercises.


It is not recommended for people with heart diseases. It increases the heart rate considerably which may cause nervousness or cold sweat.  Also, there are possibilities of developing stones in kidney, glaucoma, and depression.  It is not recommended for pregnant women either lest they may give birth to babies with cleft palate or lip.


It is all set to hit the shelves of pharmacies in next few months. The reviews and inferences drawn so far have been based on the results obtained from clinical trials. Many obese patients who were put on this drug stated they thought they were on some placebo, so negligible were the side effects. Only noticeable trait they felt was the absence of hunger or cravings.

However, doctors still have their concerns over this drug owing to its similarities with another, where the possible side effects far outweighed the benefits. Two decades ago, a similar drug fen-phen whose key ingredient was phentermine, was initially given approval by FDA but later withdrawn. So right now its wait and watch mode but if things go well then it will be a harbringer of positive change against obesity.

Diet Pills Available Now

Phen375 is available now and without prescription. It is based on the concept of Phentermine but does not contain any trace of the drug – is natural by comparison.

Phen375 is made in FDA approved laboratory’s and acts not only as an appetite suppressant abut also a fat burner.

The real selling point that distances it from its rivals is the fact that use real testimonials from people in the their promotion material.

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