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30 Days Diet Pill

30 Days Diet Pill Review

30 Days is the brand concept diet pill and detox supplement from Norway. It is soon to be available to buy in the UK

Two products in one address not only weight loss issues but the initial reason why we potentially gain weight.

Clinical studies have suggested that 1 – 2 dress sizes can be dropped in just 30 Days.

30 Days comprises of a unique extract created by Med-Eq Gaiapharma. The extract (DTox) contains a special blend of herbs that have not only a cleansing effect but a strengthening impact on the digestive system that stimulates the body’s own ability to expel the build up of harmful waste fecal matter.

30 Days also contains within its formula, gluco polysac-charides (betaglucans), which can activate and support our body’s natural immune system.

30 Days is regarded very highly in Scandinavia and has the backing of the international medical community.

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