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Actislim Platinum Review

The herbal diet supplement, Actislim Platinum, is completely natural and formulated to try to assist you in achieving your personal health goals a lot faster than the other similar products presently for sale.

Actislim Platinum uses a mixture of natural substances which are said to help you lose weight effectively and rapidly.

Not doing enough exercise and eating too many calories can result in excess fat, however, Actislim Platinum is meant to help reduce your intake of calories and boost your levels of energy, giving you a lift.

Actislim Platinum is a combination of natural herbs, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.

How Does Actislim Work

Adults are advised to take two capsules of this dietary supplement orally each day; one between 09:00 and 10:00, and one between 13:00 and 14:00.

Users should not take more than two capsules a day and it is advised that this supplement is taken after meals in three month cycles, with one month off in-between, until you have achieved your target weight.

The manufacturer’s claim that, within hours of consuming Actislim Platinum, your hunger pains will lessen and you will feel more energetic.

A 1, 4 and 6 week pack can be ordered.

How Actislim Platinum Works

The majority of women need around 2000 calories, and men around 2500 calories, per day to sustain their weight. To lose one pound, or half a kilogram, each week, you have to lower your calorie consumption by five hundred calories each day, or substantially increase your levels of physical activity.

The natural vitamins, herbs, plant extracts and minerals that Actislim Platinum contains, when consumed up to 2 hours following a meal, are meant to break the fat stored inside the food down and turn it into energy (heat), in an identical way to the way the natural fluids of the body digest food.

Once your body creates more warmth, more fat gets burned and you will not feel so hungry, or have to eat so much. Actislim also increases the body’s metabolism.

Actislim Platinum Side-effects

No side-effects have been recorded with this product, although at the start, you might feel a bit anxious once your heart rate slightly increases. Also, if you take the supplement after 15:00, your energy levels could disturb your patterns of sleep.

Actislim Platinum is meant to be an aid to your existing weight loss efforts, rather than a weight loss solution in itself. When taking this product, you are supposed to observe a light exercise regimen and a diet that is calorie controlled.

Does Actislim Work

Slimming Solutions, the manufacturer’s of Actislim Platinum, are a quality company with an 11 year industry track record, and customer support is offered 24/7 via live chat on their website.

Nonetheless, there are virtually no customer reviews available, so it is impossible to say how good this product really is. It is encouraging that the product uses only natural ingredients, but its’ claims of quick, powerful results seem rather at odds with the manufacturer’s admission that the product needs to be combined with other strategies.

Therefore, this product will have to be filed under the NEUTRAL category, until further information comes to light.

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