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Buy Adios Max Diet Pills

Adios Max Review UK

Adios Max is one the UK’s most easily recognisable diet pill brands and claims it is one of the best selling slimming pills in Great Britain.

With high profile outlets such a s Boots the chemists and several other well known high street pharmacies and supermarkets it is little wonder.

Adios Max is higher strength version of the original Adios product and differs only in a slight increase to the ingredient quantity (and a new pink box)

Adios Max Ingredients

The formula contains 120mg of dry assembled Fucus extract that equates to of 600mg fucus. Fucus is variety of sea weed- Fucus vesiculosus, or bladderwrack to give it its official name, is the typical brown or green seaweed commonly found on beaches all over the the UK and the across the world.

Other ingredients included in the formula are: Dandelion root, boldo and butternut.

How Does Adios Max Work

It works by helping you to reverse the problem of  a slow metabolic rate by increasing it naturally. The active ingredient, Fucus, is responsible for this.

In essence Adios Max is a fat burner

Adios Max Side Effects

Nothing of any great severity however, ff you suffer from a thyroid condition or complaint tit is advised to refrain from using. The relatively high iodine content in Fucus Dry Extract could increase thyroid activity.

Some users have experienced a negative reaction due to a kelp allergy.

Does Adios Max Work Is It Recommended

There is no real clinical study or scientific evidence to prove with any great certainty that is works.

In light of the current new breed of fat burners that have arrived on to the market it hard to give any kind of recommendation to.

Where To Buy Adios Max

Adios Max is stocked in most major chain high street chemists such as Boots, Superdrug and Lloyds as well as some smaller independant stores.

Alternative Fat Burner

Capsiplex should be high on anyones wishlist. Capsiplex is the chili diet pill that created media headlines upon its introduction selling out after 3 days.

Capsiplex went on to make over 1 million sales in its first 6 months and possibly the UK’s best selling fat burner to date.

More about Capsiplex


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