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Adipotide Diet Drug

Adipotide is the latest diet drug that could appear on the market in the near future. It is still in the testing phase at the moment but initial signs look promising and early signs are that it could help to cut 40% of body fat in around 4 weeks.

Adipotide, is chemically produced drug which is injected into the bloodstream. The active ingredient in the drug locates the blood vessels that supply fat with blood and neutralises them which stops fat cells being reproduced. The drug is also said be able to suppress appetite and reduce the the need to snack.

The media has recently announced yet another chemically produced drug with a very similar story. The diet drug is called OAP-189 and expected to go on sale in 3 years time.

During the testing phase (where monkeys were used as subjects) the results showed that they shed 11 per cent of their weight in just four weeks.

How Long Until Adipotide is Available

It will be several months even years before the drug has passed all necessary human trials and goes on general release – even then it would be by GP administration only and unlikely to be given on request.

Adipotide could well be the diet drug to usurp all others and become the de facto weight loss product – the feeling is that we have heard it all before. The pharmaceutical industry seems to be in a constant battle with the natural supplement industry and obviously has the financial clout to release press stories timed to perfection.

What Diet Products Are Available Now

For those who cant wait several months or even years there are a handful of diet products that are available via the commercial market that offer a high chance of success.

Capsiplex – The chili diet pill made from capsicum, thirty years in making and dubbed the miracle diet pill by the press in 2009. Capsiplex completely sold out in just 3 days when it was made available to the general public. More about Capsiplex

Phen375 – the legal Phentermine alternative that is available to buy without prescription. More about Phen375


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