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Amanda Hamilton Weight Loss Programme

Amanda Hamilton Programme Review

Amanda Hamilton is quoted as saying that she wishes to transform the dieting industry. Her 28 day fat loss plan will not require you to cut out any of the primary food groups, count any calories, or drink any shakes as a substitute for meals, which generally make the weight come back again anyway.

Hamilton states that you might shed up to 10 or 12 pounds of fat, depending on your present body shape, in as quickly as 28 days. Amanda Hamilton’s Real Results Diet Plan was also discussed on television shows, such as the Lorraine Kelly Morning show and GMTV, where it has attracted some extremely complimentary reviews.

About Amanda

The daughter of two PE teachers who has represented her in sport – “I’ve created a programme that allows for a high degree of personalisation. This can be seen in the fact we calculate menus and match portion sizes to your body statistics optimise fat loss

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What is Included in the Plan

Hamilton’s plan is delivered on the web, or on your mobile, and offers:

  • Exclusive special discounts to fitness club memberships, holidays and boot camps
  • A calculator that can record the alterations in your waist-to-hip ratio, and your fat loss overall
  • Shopping lists and eating plans for each day
  • Personalised help and email messages
  • Special guest slots, such as James Martin, who produce video recipes
  • Complimentary web-broadcasts and newsletters
  • Activity programs and instructional videos

By following this plan, you will benefit from delicious meals, adjustable personal planners, and user-friendly shopping lists to aid you with shedding the pounds and keeping them off. Moreover, you will get a huge range of inspirational articles daily from Hamilton’s expert team, and blog entries from Hamilton’s fat loss community members.

Also, you will get easy-to-use internet tools which permit you to log your efforts, and live web-broadcasts every two weeks, enabling you to update and “Ask Amanda” directly about any queries you have about health or dieting. Furthermore, eMagazines will be sent to you each month, crammed with valuable hints and suggestions about topics such as healthy family, detox and eradicating cellulite.

“Put it this way, what a 6ft tall person needs to eat to lose weight is different to what a 5ft person needs to eat!”

Stories of Success

Numerous customer testimonials are posted on the official website of Amanda Hamilton from a broad variety of women. Personal trainers, young mothers, sports enthusiasts, middle-aged women and busy executives have all tried this plan with satisfying results. Every customer seems to concur that the program is convenient, effective and exact and could easily be adopted into any life-style.

The official site also permits you to acquire a sample of the plan before buying it. Many of Hamilton’s best weight loss hints are listed, and this is very precious information on its’ own. Simply by taking this advice, you would be certain to experience some excellent fat loss results. Nonetheless, this is just a small percentage of the details you will learn, once you register on the proper diet program.

The Verdict on Amanda Hamilton’s Diet Plan

Many women feel, as summertime gets nearer, that their bikinis are public enemy no 1. The Amanda Hamilton Weight Loss Plan permits you to lose fat and remain slim in the future, with her time-tested system for a healthy life. This plan definitely produces noticeable and long-lasting weight reduction, with enchanting menu plans, powerful exercise regimens and full support.

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