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African Mango Advanced

African Mango Diet Capsules

The latest diet product to hit the UK is African Mango – it first appeared in the United States in pretty spectacular fashion and has slowly filtered through to Britain.

There are usually several diet products and diet fads that arrive during the course of any given year, each with varying degrees of hype, success and longitude – but African Mango it appears is here for the long term.

It is certainly not without hype after springing to prominence after US health evangelist Dr Oz first introduced African Mango on his regular slot on the Oprah Winfrey show.

Dr Oz also exalted its benefits during his own shown proclaiming it to be the “miracle diet pill that could help you lose 10lbs

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He even went so far as to convince skeptical colleague to use for one month and report the results of her progress.

Dr Tanya Edwards, a fellow nutritionist took up the challenge and tried for one month. She reported that she had lost half a stone – she now recommends to her patients in need of immediate weight loss.

What Is African Mango And How Can It Help Weight Loss

An African Mango looks identical to a normal or regular everyday mango – its taste and texture are pretty unremarkable in comparison.

It is the seed from this exotic fruit – Irvingia Gabonensis seed that has incredible benefits in relation to diet, slimming and weight loss.

The seed is extracted and capsulated to form a diet pill or diet capsule. Using on a regular basis can have the following benefits:

  • Helps Control Hunger – suppresses appetite  and can help to diminish the need to snack between meals. Can also help to create satiety (fullness) quicke during a meal reducing food portions.
  • Burn Fat – can increase the metabolism, increasing the speed in which the body mobilised body fat away from areas such as waist, stomach and buttocks.
  • Detox And Cleanse – African Mango is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that cleanse and help maintain a healthy beter working digestive system.

What Is The Best African Mango Diet Pill

There are currently dozens of brands to choose from – most of which we have not reviewed and quite possibly do not plan to.

There are two distinct groups that contain the Irvingia Gabonensis seed and those that do not but are still sold under the pretence of African Mango

African Mango Advanced is our favourite – its an Evo Slimming product, its UK distributed and its authentic. Not to mention that it contains a high strength dosage of 1400mg per serving.

Its priced competitively and also available to buy in multiple months supply at a discount.

More about African Mango Advanced


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