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Quantrim Herbal Slimming Tablets

Quantrim Seaweed Slimming Tablets Used By Victoria Beckham In The Daily Mail

Quantrim is the latest diet pill to released just in time for the 2013 silly season where potential slimmers rush to get hold of the latest diet pill or weight loss product in an attempt to lose the extra poundage that they have piled on during the Christmas excesses.

The Daily Mail, as always are first to reveal an article that features an article dressed up as a blatant advertisement and associate a celebrity with it to garner some sort of credibility.

Quatrim is the seaweed slimming pill that is supposed to help potential slimmers reduce their weight by cutting down calorie consumption by suppressing appetite and also upping the metabolic rate.

What Does Quantrim Contain

The formula is comprised of two main ingredients: Bladder Wrack, which is type of seaweed (also called comically Sticky Willies) and a plant extract called Cleavers.

Both ingredients do have a long and lengthy association with weight loss. Bladderwrack has been used for centuries, it is found in many regions of the world but typically in the Atlantic.

Cleavers (or Clivers) has an even older association. There is a saying from the west country that dates back almost a millenia¬†which says “if you are feeling fat then feast ye self on clivers”

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