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Lip Balm For Slimming

Burner Lip Balm

A new approach to weight loss has emerged from across the Atlantic and is now available online in the UK – the slimming lip balm!

With ingredients that are supposed to suppress your appetite and to burn fat, Burner balm as it is called, has been heavily panned in the UK media.

Made from a natural blend of Hoodia and Green Tea extracts, burner balm is supposed to contain the right blend of ingredients to help curb your cravings.

The American doctor responsible the lip balm, Dr Allan Kurtz, has been quoted as saying that he introduced it because there was a demand from his patients for a slimming aid.

Suggesting that people who have used the slimming lip balm have reported weight loss of between 6lb and 10lb without changing any diet habits

Looking at hoodia under more scrutiny you soon realise that the slimming balm does not contain enough hoodia to work effectively. Other appetite suppressants quote similar weight loss data, yet have substantially higher hoodia content and quality per day.

Skeptics in the UK have suggested that the product is a marketing ploy that relies on women’s fears over gaining weight.

We would suggest looking at other proven appetite suppressants if you are looking to significantly reduce your weight.

Alternative appetite suppressant

If you are looking for an effective appetite suppressantwith proven credentials, made from pure hoodia and promising 460mg per tablet(1,380mg of 100% Pure Hoodia per day), we would suggest looking at UniqueHoodia.

With more hoodia per tablet than similar appetite suppressants, UniqueHoodia will significantly reduce your cravings for food.

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