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Buy Adipex UK

Adipex Review

Adipex (also described as Adipex-P) is a brand name and one of several given to the prescription only diet pill Phentermine. Other common brand names are Ionamin, Duromine and Fastin.

Adipex is an amphetamine like stimulant that is classed a drug and so is a controlled substance only available by prescription – it has been in existence since the late 50’s.

It is used to combat obesity and is sometimes prescribed by GP’s to patients as a last resort to try to suppress their appetite in attempt to reduce their daily calorie consumption.

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How Does Adipex Work

As touched upon above it is primarily an appetite suppressant that affects the part of the brain responsible for food portion and hunger control.

One of the biggest causes of obesity is of course over eating – Adipex (Phentermine) helps to regulate satiety bring a state of fullness much quicker. Over time the patient will become familiar with eating less and lowering their daily calorie intake.

Does Adipex Cause Side Effects

Nowadays GP’s are not so frequent in their administration of the drug as Adipex is thought responsible for several associated side effects ranging from the minor irritant to the debilitating.

Some common documented side effects include: Insomnia, restlessness anxiety, sickness, headache, diarrhea, increased blood pressure and a change in libido.

Pregnant or nursing mothers are also recommended to avoid.

Is Adipex Worth Using

This is a question for your GP or doctor to decide. Although Adipex does have a history of side effects it has also helps untold individuals lose weight – but under close observation from their GP or doctor.

Where Can I Buy Adipex Without Prescription

This is very question and one of the most searched for phrases on the internet. This will almost certainly lead to disappointment as Adipex and Phentermine are not available to but commercially and without prescription.

It is not possible to buy Adipex form any high street stockist or chemist (Boots etc..)

It is also not possible to legitimately buy online from the web – online stockists who advertise in most cases either do not deliver authentic product or do not deliver at all.

Alternatives To Adipex

There are several commercially available Phentermine alternatives currently in circulation with Phen375 possibly being the most of interest.

Phen375 is formulated from pharmacy grade ingredients but synthetically produced offering not only appetite suppressing capabilities but a fat burning potential as well.

Phen375 is one of the most exciting non prescription diet pills to be launched in over a decade.

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