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Best Diet Pill To Buy 2012

Best Diet Pills To Buy 2012

The following is a suggestion as to the best diet pills (and most popular) to buy for 2012. The previous year, 2011 was the busiest ever in terms of new product arrivals with the UK being responsible for some of the best selling – even on a worldwide wide basis.

Best Fat Burner – Capsiplex

What can be said about Capsiplex that hasn’t been said before. The most popular and best selling diet pill of 2012 looks set to eclipse the competition again this year in the fat burner market with the introduction of Capsiplex Plus.

Capsiplex Plus is the enhanced or improved version of the original that now includes 5-HTP, a natural substance that is said to increase serotonin levels and can combat depression, anxiety, listlessness and insomnia. 5-HTP is know as the “happy hormone‘ as it can create a feeling of well being – a ‘legal high‘ for want of a better expression.

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Best Phentermine Alternative – Phen375

Phentermine is still one of the most sought after diet pills. It is a prescription only diet pill but the quest to land a bottle via the web is driving the black market and fuelling the reputation of the dodgy diet pill.

In reality Phentermine (the original) is a fifty year old technology and has been surpassed in abundance by several new additions that have taken the concept, embellished and enhanced. The best example of a Phentermine product suitable for today’s market is Phen375 – it has the added advantage of being entirely available to by legally, direct and without prescription.

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Best Fat Binder/Appetite Suppressant – Proactol Plus

Proactol Plus is considered to be the industry stalwart with a several years under its belt. It has a solid reputation and was voted winner of the best diet pill of the year two years in succession by the Telegraph newspaper.

Proactol Plus can prevent the absorption of a portion of fat from food consumed and also reduce hunger cravings. Using regularly can help prevent 295 calories a day from being taken on – that it an awful lot of running on the treadmill. Proactol Plus is available without prescription and direct from the manufacturers website.

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Best Acai Berry Pill – 100% Acai Berry

Arguably the most discussed diet pill (even health product) are Acai Berry products. We could not even hazard a guess has to how many different brands we have reviewed either on this website or some of of other sister sites. The Acai berry is considered to be THE most beneficial of all the superfruits and provided valuable benefit in so many ways – not just weight loss.

Acai Berry products have flooded the market over the few years with some poor examples that only should be categorised as Acai Berry by name as they are contain little or trace of the natural substance. if you are planning on purchasing a capsule based Acai Berry product look no further than 100% Pure Acai Berry.

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