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Turboslim Chronoactiv Review UK

Turbo Chronoactive is recent addition to the non prescription diet pill market. It has a distinctly “French flavour” to it and is the creation Forte Pharma.

The manufacturers website claims it has been responsible for the weight loss success of millions of French women.

An orange and blue tablet (one for during the day and one for nighttime) offers to different but complimentary weight loss actions.

“The French Diet Pill”

How Does Turboslim Chronoactiv Work

Also coined the French Diet Pill, it is essentially a fat burner.

Turboslim Chronoactiv is supposed to work in tandem with the natural biorhythm of your body. The formula comprises of a natural ingredients that are targeted to certain times of the day.

The daytime tablets help to burn calories by utilising both green tea and green coffee.

The nighttime tablet is targeted towards limiting daytime fat storage (dring the night) while firming skin tissue.

Turboslim Chronoactiv Side Effects

Hard to say with any great confidence, there is not an abundance of information regarding the product.

Does Turboslim Chronoactiv Work

Very hard to recommend. A very complicated explanation as to its mechanics. This whole day/night weight loss action is unnecessarily complex. Too clever for its own good.

Where To Buy Turboslim Chronoactiv In The UK

At first glance it appears to be not very UK friendly in terms of where to purchase. Interestingly though you can buy direct from Boots online store

Buy Turboslim Chronactive From Boots

Recommended Alternative Diet Pill

If you want a fat burner with a proven level of success its hard to ignore Capsiplex.

Capsiplex has been featured many times in the media with success stories from the celebrity world and the more ordinary everyday dieter.

Capsiplex uses the heat from cayenne pepper to burn excess calories and does it rather well.

Capsiplex was introduced to the UK in pretty spectacular fashion by selling out after just three days of release.

More about Capsiplex


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