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Xipisan Diet Pill Review

Xipisan is another recent addition to the over the counter diet pill market. It is privately produced by an Irish Company.

Based on a idea by Professor Sandrine Gautier who spent many years perfecting the formula to create this patented fat binder, which she claims is safe and free from side effects. Professor Gautier reveals the whole idea was based on observing and examining fish.

“Have you ever wondered why sea animals never get fat?” “Have you ever seen an overweight fish or an oyster packing too many lbs?”

A rather interesting analogy that is certainly unique.

According to her, the answer is that most fish contain Aspergillus Niger extract which keeps them active and subsequently slim.

Although Xipisan is a relatively new product the concept of fat binding is far from new. Xipisan it must be said does not offer anything that is not already in existence.

How Does Xipisan Work

The active ingredient works in a similar fashion to a sponge soaking up fat that it comes into contact with. When introduced before meal times the ingredient is released into the stomach and  binds with undigested fat creating gelatinous mass. Your body cannot digest newly formed gelatinous mass so it exits your body naturally via bowel movements.

Xipisan Side Effects

There have been no reported side effects to date. Due to its natural constitution it is unlikely to pose any threat to health.

Is Xipisan Recommended

Fat binding is considered to be one of the safest and most effective methods of weight control and fat loss. However, Xipisan falls short when up against some of the more high profile fat binders currently in circulation.

Where To Buy Xipisan In The UK

Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett are not stockists – outlets mainly consists of the smaller independently run chemists and pharmacies.

Other Fat Binder To Consider

Proactol Plus is regarded to be the most consistently effective fat binder. It is critically acclaimed and is certified by the medical authority as an approved medical device product (MDD 93/42/EEC).

Proactol Plus has been responsible for may diet successes over several years and has twice won the coveted diet pill of the year.

More about Proactol Plus


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