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BioBurn Fat Burner

BioBurn Review

BioBurn is one of four products in the newly introduced diet pill range from BioConcepts. BioBurn together with BioBind are perhaps the most interesting as they belong to the genres with the most level of success.

Fat burners and fat binders expressly target excess body fat – fat binders prevent fat from being absorbed while fat burners tackle the aftermath of already absorbed fat.

What Is BioBurn

Contains a formulation called Metamax, a combination of three active ingredients, all of which have been shown to increase the metabolism so that you burn more energy when both exercising and at rest.

Sinetrol is the key active ingredient, it comprises of polyphenol rich red orange, grapefruit and citrus extracts. This targets the reduction of body fat.

Capiscum has had many column inches written about it. Industry experts believe its invaluable at getting rid of additional fat from the body by encouraging thermogenesis within the body and increasing the metabolic rate.

Green Tea is effective at speeding up the rate at which the body burns calories through its high level of polyphenols. Green Tea is said to help improve the bodys ability to burn fat whilst also significantly raising your exercise performance which, in turn, helps burn more calories.

Any Side Effects

BioConcepts are very safety conscious and so the product range as a whole is deemed to be free from side effects.

Is BioBurn Recommended

Definitely one for the shortlist contains all the elements needed that form the basis for an effective fat burner.

Where To Buy BioBurn

Available exclusively through UK online registered pharmacy Chemist Direct. Can be purchased without prescription and costs just under £30 for a month supply

  • Encourages fat loss
  • Helps burn calories
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Free from side effects

Buy BioBurn Direct


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