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Carbo-Slow Fibre

Carboslow Review

If you are following a diet then, in most cases, carbohydrates are a big no-no. Carbs ought to be avoided on the majority of occasions, particularly in the evenings. This is especially true if you are not going to be working them off through exercise.

Over the course of a year, it is difficult not to eat carbohydrate-rich foods like pasta, cakes and bread. Also, the festive season can push us to consume even larger amounts of Christmas pudding, roast potatoes and mince pies. Often, the temptation is simply too great.

Carboslow is a product for weight management which has been newly released. It is specifically formulated by the dietary guru, Patrick Holford, to lower the number of calories the body absorbs from carbohydrate-rich foods, and hence, lessen guilt.

Carbohydrates are found in so many foods that we eat on a regular basis it is hard and impractical to cut out completely.

This is where an effective carb blocker comes in play. Enjoy the benefit of carb rich foods without the consequences.

The main active ingredient in Carboslow is Konjak root  (glucomannan) which is an extremely absorbent fibre from plants. When orally consumed, studies have indicated that this ingredient will reduce weight in both obese adults and children.

How Carboslow Works

Taking the Carboslow Fibre prior to a meal, along with 2 glasses of h2o, suppresses hunger by packing the belly with fibre, which results in a sense of satiety.

Carboslow can also reduce the G.L. (Glycaemic load) of your food by lessening the amount of energy released into your system. This helps to regulate your levels of blood sugar and, therefore, assists with appetite control and weight loss.

The Konjak fibre morphs into a viscous gel and ties up the food inside the belly. This helps it to move through your system and slows down the absorption of calories which, in turn, helps to control bowel function. This fibre comes from the roots of the Konjak plant and, traditionally, the Japanese utilized it to aid with intestinal functioning.

The Benefits of Carboslow

  • Konjac fibre ensures a healthy degree of satiety when combined with a weight loss regime.
  • Konjac fibre sustains healthy cholesterol levels.
  • Konjac fibre helps to preserve a healthy balance of blood sugar.
  • Konjac fibre offers cleansing and bulking properties to maintain a digestive tract that is healthy.
  • Konjac fibre keeps the intestinal environment healthy to enable the friendly bacteria to grow.

This product is meant to be consumed while observing a low G.L. diet plan and it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It is available from Holland and Barrett and other good health food shops nationwide.

Conclusion – Does Carboslow Work

There are not many customer reviews online about this product, so it is not possible to draw too many definite conclusions. However, Patrick Holford is a health pioneer and largely considered to be Britain’s leading spokesman and top-selling author on nutrition.

The need to snack, and the resulting hunger pains – real or imaginary, are frequently the most difficult part of launching a healthy weight loss plan. So is training our minds and bodies to diet correctly and to end our bad habits. With its’ proven ingredients and renown designer, Carboslow certainly looks like a product which will aid healthy cholesterol levels and weight loss.

Where To Buy Carboslow

Carboslow is available to buy in store at Holland and Barrett and several other independent diet, health a slimming specialist retailors.

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