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Slendex Cellulite Mousse

Slendex Cellulite Mousse Review

There are not that many truly effective cellulite removal products on the market. Slendex is one of the rarities that has science and compelling clinical data behind it.

When you apply Slendex you can expect a pleasant ‘fizzing’ sensation as the crackle mousse absorbs into your skin, leaving no grease or residue only noticeably firmer skin without the dreaded orange peel.

Slendex can help reduce cellulite, the unsightly orange peel skin that affects approximately 85% of women in first world countries.

Slendex is a unique combination product that not only significantly reduces and eliminates cellulite but also works to lower calorie intake by suppressing appetite by way of an orally taken diet pill supplement.

TOWIE’s Billie Faiers is a huge advocate of Slendex anti-cellulite mousse and attributes its effect to her stunning cellulite free body. Say what you like about Billie she certainly has body worthy of envy.

Watch Billie talk about Slendex

Slendex Anti-Cellulite Crackle Mousse

The most interesting of the two products is the anti-cellulite mousse. Based on the amusing but ultimately powerful crackle technology, the mousse is a proprietary blend of PepperMax-ALG.

It has been developed by British pharmacists and put through some thorough clinical trials.

  • It penetrates the  skin almost instantly
  • Super-fast drying formula as it is always non greasy
  • Easy to use
  • Helps in instant toning and gives a cool and fizzy effect
  • Keeps skin hydrated due to PepperMax-ALG Crackle technique
  • A pleasant aroma sets a feel-good mood

How Does It Work

The formula uses a three step process.

Step 1 : Is to burn fatty deposits and inhibit and prevent the formation and creation of lipid droplets.

Step 2 : Is to eliminate waste material from skin

Step 3 : Rebuilt health skin without the fat ‘orange peel’ producing material.

In laymens terms, this equates to removing and preventing fat build up, getting rid of waste material from the body tissue that stores them and restructuring the skin!

The result is gorgeous skin that is smoother and free of lumps and dimples

Slendex with PepperMax-ALG does all this using a cutting edge blend of natural ingredients that work in synergy with our patented Crackle Technique to gradually Tone, Firm, Repair & Restructure your skin!

Slendex Appetite Control

The second part of the package is Appetite Control – a highly effective side effect free diet pill designed to suppress appetite and reduce daily calorie consumption.

Formulated using BioKonja – a natural substance that can dramatically reduce your  appetite before, during and after meals.

Where To Buy Slendex

Can be purchased exclusively from the official website. Not available yet via the UK street at stockists such as Boots, Superdrug and Tesco.

The cellulite mousse and appetite suppressant diet pill can be order in conjuenction at discount for a shade under £60 currently.

Visit Slendex Website



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