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Puriance For Women

Puriance For Women Review

Puriance is a new range diet pill products with the tag line “gender focused weight loss.

They appear to have a substantial marketing budget and not afraid to use it.

With so many competing diet pill products in existence its becoming increasingly difficult to try to gain a foothold in the market and many try to carve out a new angle.

The angle that Puriance have employed is the aforementioned focus on offering separate diet solutions for each sex.

“Stop Your Hormones From Making You Fat”

Puriance For Women

The diet pill for women. Their advertisement states that women put on weight in different way to men and so it makes sense that women need to use a different method to lose weight.

Hormonal shifts and imbalances can have a profound effect on a womans weight.

How Does Puriance for Woman Work

The two biggest hormonal enemies are Estrogen and Cortisol – they are thought, according to the Puriance R&D team, responsible for making you put on weight by lowering you metabolic rate and increasing your cravings for sugary foods.

In order to overcome weight gain you first need to fight food cravings – this is where Puriance For Women comes into play.

The formula contains three key ingredients:

Glucomannan – a natural substance that is thought to help curb food cravings. Hormonal imbalances and changes can cause cravings for foods such as carbs and sugary snacks.

Chromium – is also thought to help reduce food cravings and help you resist eating snack food between meals. Can also raise the metabolism.

Green Tea – perhaps the better known of the three ingredients, used for many years as either a sole ingredient or part of a more elaborate formula. Green Tea is thought to help target and burn body fat.

Potential Puriance Side Effects

Should not pose a threat to health, all ingredients are natural and the product has been manufactured under and in accordance to industry guidelines.

Where To Buy Puriance For Women

Presently seems to be only available from its official website, Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett are not currently stocking.

Does Puriance For Women Work – Is It Recommended

It certainly ticks some of the right boxes and could well be a diet pill to rival some of the more auspicious brands in circulation.

However, it is yet to establish a pedigree and any real success stories are conspicuous by their absence.

A high price tag of £39 is very hard to justify.

Recommended Alternatives

Capsiplex is currently the diet pill that is en vogue and has many success stories attached to it.

The “Chili Diet Pill” has enjoyed phenomenal success on a European stage and has been replicated by at least a dozen unscrupulous rivals, much to the chagrin of its creators, Advanced Health.

Imitation is the biggest form of flattery.

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