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Flat Tummy Plus Review

Flat Tummy Plus Chewable Tablets

Flat Tummy Plus is an alternative type of slimming product to convention diet pill.

It is a chewable designed to help improve the functioning of the digestive system and removing the physical sign of bloating.

It creators, e’lifexir are keen highlight that their product is a food supplement and is not a dedicated slimming aid.

Either way the desired end result is to achieve a flatter stomach.

How Does Flat Tummy Plus Work

Everyday stress and poor diet can cause a significant malfunction of the digestive system. Smoking and too much alcohol can also add to the problem.

Bifidobacteria – beneficial bacterias are present in all of us and help maintain regularity of bowell movement and keep our digestive running smoothly.

Loss or a depletion of bifidobacteria levels can cause problems with intestinal movments which can lead to bloating, a protruding belly and the appearance of weight gain,

E’lifexir “Flat Tummy” has a compound called fructo – oligosaccharides – these are carbohydrates found in vegetables and other natural foodstuffs such as bananas, garlic, artichokes, onions, asparagus, corn and oat.

Fructo helps to promote the production of the bifidobacteria that live in our stomach helping to achieve metabolic balance. When we have metabolic balance our bowels function optimally allowing us to expel excess waste material and achieve the appearance of a flatter stomach.

A lack of bifidobacteria creates problematic intestinal movements that can often result in a bloated stomach

Potential Side Effects

Containing wholly natural ingredients that should not any issues of side effects if taken as directed.

Lowest Price For Flat Tummy Plus

Currently high street health store Holland and Barrett stock a 60 tablet supply costing around £10

Alternative Diet Products To Consider

Proactol Plus – not a direct competitive product but a highly recommended fat binder and appetite suppressant.

Based on extract of cactus Proactol Plus has been formulated to help your body prevent the absorption of fat from food.

Proactol Plus can help towards reducing daily calorie intake of approximately 295 a day

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