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Hot Rox Extreme Review

Manufactured by Biotest, Hot-Rox Extreme is a more powerful and advanced version of their earlier production of Hot-Rox. This time they introduced new and powerful thermogenic fat burners to make the drug more potent than ever before. These ingredients have been identified as A7-E, Yohimbine, Carbolin 19, and Raspberry Ketones.

The first cause of worry is the lack of official website. For a drug which claims to be a weight loss wonder, no official website smacks of lack of credibility. It is known to be a powerful appetite suppressant which will increase metabolism, burn fat faster and help the user lose weight faster than ever.

What is Hot Rox Extreme

Biotest claims that Hot Rox Extreme will shock its users with its extreme effectiveness and the unbelievable feel good experience. The key ingredients which will make this happen are Carbolin 19, forskolin, A7-E:yohimbe and raspberry ketone, all of which are natural substances.

However, lack of an official website outs a major dent in their claims. We have no verified clinical trials or real customer reviews to fall back on. Doctor’s advice and guidance is necessary before one tried out this drug.

While the others are known thermogenic nutrients which help to stimulate the lipolysis in white and brown adipose tissues, A7-E is a hereby unknown element. There is no documented evidence of its benefits or efficacy though the makers of Hot Rox Extreme claim that it is the miracle element in the pill.

Biotest claims that they have tested this component though no solid clinical research is in evidence anywhere, nor do they explain the component in detail to the industry or its users.

It is not approved by the FDA and necessitates medical supervision if the user has a history of migraine, high blood pressure, or taking any prescription medicine at the time.


A7-E: Potent thermogenic fat burner which acts for a longer time and is more effective than all other components. The makers of Hot Rox Extreme claim that the presence of this component makes the drug powerful and enables 5 times faster weight loss than other diet pills. Apparently even diet and exercise will not help as much as this component.

Carbolin 19: An Anabolic thermogenic, this component is a pure version of forskolin. It helps effective weight loss as well as building up of muscle mass.

Yohimbine HCl: It works alongside A7-E to eliminate all the lumpy body fat. It is powerful antagonist which enhances lipolysis and blocks receptors, especially in the abdominal area.

Raspberry Ketone: Also known as the fat slicer, this ingredient promotes intense thermogenesis. It slices the fat molecules and accelerates fat metabolism.

Scarlemax: Derived from the plant Salvia Sclarea, it regulates metabolism, increases fat breakdown and decreases fat production and builds lean muscle mass.

Other components include – Thiamin, niacin, and caffeine

Possible Side Effects

Biotest claims that the all-natural feature of the drug does not leave room for side-effects. In spite of their claims however users have complained of –

  • Dehydration
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Increase in both heart rate
  • High Blood pressure
  • Sleep Complications

Other cons – More expensive than its counterparts, No official website, Lack of proper contact information

Is It Worth Buying

There is nothing that can justify a purchase especially considering the weight of fat burners currently available. More suited to body builders

Better Alternative Fat Burners

The one saving grace of Hor Rox is that includes Raspberry Ketone – the natural superfruit that has received massive publicity of late with no small thanks to Dr OZ glowing endorsement.

Raspberry Ketone is a fat burner that helps to break up fat cells in the body and has been coined ‘the miracle in your medicine cabinet that can help you to lose 10lbs’

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