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LipoFedra Review

InnerVital have brought out a new dieting supplement called LipoFedra. This product is aimed specifically at people who have attempted everything to reduce their weight, but have still not enjoyed any success.

The manufacturers have a web site filled with pictures of attractive women and men in white laboratory coats, but scant information is provided about their company itself.

They include no details of how or when their company was formed, no personal touches, no testimonials from their Employees, Directors or Customers. The location of their company is also not clear. Returns have to be sent to a PO Box address in Penfield, NY, a Rochester suburb.

Product Ingredients And Effectiveness

LipoFedra  has 5 ingredients which are said to boost metabolic rate, burn more calories and build muscle:

  • Chrome-Mate: Stimulates the effectiveness of the traces of Chromium found naturally in food. Chromium is classified as a metal chemical element. Its’ impact on weight loss is not clear.
  • Super-Citrimax: This is made using a Garcinia-Cambogia plant and claimed to be three times more beneficial for weight loss than exercise or dieting. Unfortunately, no tests have supported this claim.
  • Advantra Z: Produced from the extract of “Bitter Orange”. Whilst this has some benefits for health and is frequently utilized in products for weight loss, it hasn’t actually ever been proven to have any effect on losing weight.
  • Fucoxanthin: Can potentially aid weight loss, although not much research into this has been carried out.
  • Dimethylpentylamine: A diet supplement which may, or may not, help with weight loss.

The Verdict On LipoFedra

It’s difficult to see how someone who has struggled with weight loss using exercise and diet would benefit from a product made using ingredients that have not been proven to have any weight reducing effects.

Along with diet pills, the manufacturer additionally makes detox products, quit smoking aids, an erectile dysfunction product, a breast enhancer, a wrinkle solution, a sexual arousal booster for women, a pain reliever, an energizer, products to support the immune system, vitamins and a hangover cure. All with no prescriptions!!! These dubious products all cast further doubt on the company’s (and therefore the product’s) credibility.

No explanation is offered on how this product is meant to increase metabolic rate, burn more calories or build muscle and no Customer testimonials are shown. There’s also no instructions on how to take the supplement or a Frequently Asked Questions section.

Where To Buy LipoFedra In The UK

Only available to buy from the official website. There is no UK high street stockist such as Boots, Holland and Barrett or Superdrug.

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