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Liposinol Fat Binder

Liposinol Review

Liposinol rates itself as one of the leading fat binders available on the commercial market and claims to prevent and reduce calorie intake by suppressing appetite in its users.

Owned by the InQpharm Group, a very Scandinavian focused company, but starting to make in roads as far a visibility and awareness is concerned in the central European marketplace.

 What is Liposinol

Liposinol is a fat binder by definition and compete wit some pretty heavy weight competing products such as Proactol Plus, Lipobind and XLS medical Fat Binder.

The manufacturers claim the pill to be 100% safe and effective for quick weight reduction. Under the Medical Device Directive assessment the product has been recognized as Class II medical device.


Litramine, a patented compound based on natural fiber complex, is the main ingredient of Liposinol. The other ingredients are not clearly stated therefore the side effects of Liposinol cannot be evaluated correctly.

This patented fiber is meant to reduce the sugar intake from food and contain the insulin levels in the body. But the ingredients do not point at any specific weight loss element or metabolic enhancers. The pill shows rather tepid results at its best. It is highly unlikely that the user will find any benefit if Liposinol is taken without the additional efforts of rigorous exercise or strict diet.

Key Benefits

According to manufacturer, Liposinol offers different health benefits:

  • It works as fat binders
  • It helps in calorie management
  • Helps in reducing blood cholesterol

However, the company has not offered so far the money-back-guarantee for customers who are dissatisfied after the online purchase at any condition. No user review is found in the official website of Liposinol.org about the successful use of this medicine.


*More expensive than its counterpart
*No money back guarantee scheme offered
*Needs change of diet to work effectively
*Less effective without exercise

Potential Side Effects

Unlike its counterparts Lipisinol does not come equipped with complete product details. In fact the website is quite vague on company as well as manufacturer information.  Lack of clarity on the ingredients makes it difficult to assess its effectiveness as well as risk of side-effects.

Liposinol is not meant for pregnant women or nursing mothers, or those who are contemplating pregnancy.

It is recommended that for optimal results and to maintain immunity one must take multi-vitamins within two hours after having a Liposinol tablet. It is a vague advice which raises questions about the pills stability and safety.

Liposinol Availability  and Where to Buy in UK

You can buy Liposinol from the official website. High street stockists in the UK are pretty conspicuous by their absence.

Alternative, Recommended Diet Pills

As mentioned above Liposinol competes with some of the better known fat binders. Perhaps the pick of the bunch would be Proactol Plus.

Proactol Plus is fully accredited, has an impeccable safety record and a long guarantee.

Proactol Plus has been responsible for many weight success stories, there are not too many reason not to purchase.

Click here to read about Proactol Plus


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