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A Review Of Noxycut Fat Burner

Noxycut is marketed as a great fat burner for adult men and is not ideal for women because it may contain some substances similar to steroids. From this statement alone, it is obvious that NoxyCut does not burn fat safely because steroids can cause some harmful side-effects in the long term.

Noxycut claims to assist in the development of muscle mass, whilst simultaneously eradicating body fat. Muscle building requires a caloric surplus, whereas weight loss requires a caloric deficit.

Most dietitians believe that it is virtually impossible to accomplish both simultaneously. Any claims to the contrary are not verified by any plausible, scientific data at all.

The Ingredients Of Noxycut

The ingredients of Noxycut are categorised into three groups:

Fat burners: Guggulsterones extract 2.5% (fifteen mg), synephrine (fifteen mg), caffeine (one hundred and fifty mg), cinnamon extract 4:1 (fifty mg) and yohimbe (one-and-a-half mg).

If you examine the quantities of these ingredients, it appears that only caffeine is included in potent doses. This will definitely give you enhanced levels of energy and a heightened metabolic rate. Yohimbe might also give you an increased sexual appetite.

Lower doses of synephrine and guggulsterones renders them ineffective for burning fat and there is no scientific evidence to suggest that the extract of cinnamon contained in Noxycut would help, in any way, with weight loss.

Testosterone boosters: Tongkat ali (Eurycoma longifolia – fifty mg) 100:1,  L-Glutamine (one hundred mg) and tribulus terrestris (two hundred mg).

It’s the same story with the testosterone boosters. Each of them, apart from Tongkat ali, are present in quantities too small to have any effect.

Muscle Builders: Glutamine (one hundred mg), arginine (one hundred mg) and creatine ethyl ester (one hundred mg).

The success of these substances in building muscle is substantiated by clinical proof. However, the dosage of these substances in Noxycut is way lower than the dosage used in the clinical tests.

To be successful, you ought to consume a minimum of twenty grams of creatine, three to six grams of arginine and a two gram dosage of glutamine. Noxycut only contains one hundred mg of each.

Noxycut’s Side Effects

Because Noxycut contains quite high levels of caffeine, you should expect side-effects such as: stomach ache, headache, high blood pressure, increased heart rate, anxiety, sleeping disorders and jitters.

Should Noxycut actually succeed in increasing testosterone levels in the way that is claimed (which is doubtful), you could also expect some longer-term side effects, such as a greater risk of prostate cancer and heart disease.

The Pros Of Noxycut

  • Greater levels of energy
  • A bigger sexual appetite

The Cons Of Noxycut

Can only be used by men, many potential long term health risks, unproven claims, low quantities of ingredients, expensive, no complete money-back guarantee

Is It Recommended

Apart from caffeine and tongkat ali, none of the extra ingredients in Noxycut are included in large enough quantities to produce any results. Noxycut might not be the worst product on the market but, fundamentally, it just doesn’t deliver on its’ claims.

Where To Buy Noxycut In The UK

Exclusively sold through its own webstore, unlikely to be seen in Boots, Superdrug and Holland and Barrett etc.

Other Fat Burner To Consider

It hard to ignore the case presented by Capsiplex, the chili fat burner that is arguably the UK’s most popular commercial fat burner.

Capsiplex can prevent around 280 calories from being taken on every day and is thought to be just as effective at preventing calorie intake as running for 40 minutes!

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