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Phytodren Review

Most diet pills try to help you through your diet in several ways. These products include a variety of ingredients that can either enable you to control your appetite or boost your metabolic rate to burn fat faster as you exercise.

Phytodren is a newer product that makes fairly bold claims about enabling you to lose 12 or more pounds in 3 days by including a collection of ingredients that attack both of these issues.

For help with appetite control, Phytodren provides an ingredient called Phenylethylamine and another called Synephrine that are both designed to trick your body into feeling full.

How Does Phytodren Work

This is an important factor for succeeding with any diet and will allow you to eat less since you feel less hungry.

The challenge for the claims that these help as part of the Phytodren product is that there is scarce evidence that they are effective.

The lack of verified clinical trials means that these claims are simply the opinion of the company and have never been verified in the lab.

Boosting your metabolism is another way that Phytodren can be helpful as part of your diet. Most products like this one use a combination of stimulants to accomplish this since they will speed up your systems processing of your food.

These stimulants will also lift your mood and give you the energy you need to finish your workouts and may even allow you to work longer as well. The problem with taking a diet pill like Phytodren that contains these stimulants is that many people can’t handle the common side effects they cause.

Even though these issues may be minor, these stimulants can cause dizziness, headaches and a jittery feeling in some people that make it difficult to continue with the product. To help combat this, Phytodren also includes an herbal substance called Humulus Lupus that is found in many beers.

This ingredient has a calming effect and can help to offset some of the more troubling side effects of the stimulants. The problem with this is that it only works for some people and others tend to feel sluggish when taking this ingredient, which makes their workouts even more difficult.

Does Phytodren Work

One of the biggest drawbacks to the product is that there is very little detail about how much of each ingredient is provided in a single capsule.

The reason this is a problem is that all of these ingredients will only become effective in a specific quantity. Just because they are listed as an active ingredient of the product doesn’t ensure you’ll be taking enough of them to make a difference.

Other diet pills will sometimes list ingredients that are known to help with diets on their labels and not include enough of them in the product to help the average person. Having the quantities listed is a great way of being sure you are getting an effective dose that can help you lose the weight you need on your diet.

The other challenge for this product is that there are competing diet pills on the market that are less expensive that do provide a complete list of the quantities of their ingredients.

This makes it hard to recommend Phytodren when it costs more than other products without providing full disclosure on what you’re taking.

Where To Buy Phytodren In The UK

Not a diet product that is available to buy on the high street. Holland and Barrett, Tesco, Boots Chemists are unlikely to be stockists. Order options are via the official website only it would appear.

Alternative Diet Pills

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