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Buy Pro Action Acai UK

Pro Action Acai Review UK

Pro Action Acai now appears to come in tandem with Pro Action Hoodia to form part of the Pro Action Weight Loss Plan, a combination diet supplement to “Melt Away Fat” and give you a “Tight Body

Until quite recently the product was part of the infamous Free Trial scheme whereby a nominal fee for shipping was debited from a (your) credit or debit card and a sample of each product was given away free of charge.

The small print would then tie you in to receive monthly shipments of the product until you notified them that you wish to cancel.

The theory is fine in principle as it is regular business practice in a lot of industries but somewhere along the people at Pro Action made it extremely difficult to cancel and so many customers who did not wish to receive further consignments got frustrated and made there feeling felt by posing questions such as “Is Proaction Acai A Scam” etc…

The Pro Action Weight Loss is far being classed as scam – but similarly its quite far from being classed as decent product. Lets look briefly at both products.

Pro Action Hoodia 

Hoodia is one the most effective natural appetites in existence. Hoodia, though, has an awful lot of caveats.

Firstly there is Hoodia powdered products and everything else – the actual powder from the Hoodia plant is capsulized in its pure and undiluted form, other Hoodia product used plant extract which is relatively useless.

A tell tale sign that a product is of the powdered variety is that it should be certificated with a CITES document and products owners that are in possession of such a document usually proudly display it on their website.

There does not appear to be any trace of the certificate on the Pro Action website!

Pro Action Acai

Acai is considered to be the number 1 super-fruit and extremely beneficial to not just the weight loss process but all round human health.

Just as with Hoodia, there is legitimate Acai and everything else.

We fear that Pro Action Acai falls into the everything else category.

All in all its hard to give the Pro Action Weight Loss Plan any sort of recommendation.

Alternative Acai Products

If you are intent on using an Acai product, dont let negatives outweigh the positives. The negatives are directed as specific brands, not the berry and its effect.

One of the better products in existence is 100% Pure Acai Berry. Not a particulary catchy brand name granted – but it pretty much is and does what it says on the tin.

When Acai is featured in the media, more often than not it is this specific brand. It is part of the Evo Slimming portfolio – a company with a good reputation that values repeat business without holding its clients to ransom.

If you do want to buy an Acai product buy this one.

More about 100% Pure Acai




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