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Buy Relacore Extra UK

Relacore Extra Review UK

Relacore Extra is a complimentary product to Relacore PM and shares the same principle.

The concept behind the two products is that stress has a major factor on excess body fat and reducing stress levels can significantly reduce our waistlines.

Initially there appears to be no relation between stress and stomach fat, but the Research and Development team of Carter-Reed (the company responsible) claim that when we are subjected to high stress levels our body manufacturers larger quantities of cortisol, and that too much cortisol can make the body store additional and extra layers of fat, especially around the stomach and waist.

Cortisol is one of the basic hormones our body produces. It is responsible for regulating blood pressure and our metabolic rate.

“Belly fat pill and anti-ageing breakthrough”

Relacore Extra is also advertised as having anti-ageing properties although the official website does not elaborate or go into any detail as to how this supposed to happen

Does Relacore Extra Cause Side Effects

There is nothing of any any great severity reported or documented. It is advised that expecting mothers or those who are breastfeeding should avoid for the duration.

Where To Buy Relacore Extra In The UK

Seems to more American focused, there is no UK high street stockist (Boots, Superdrug, Holland and Barrett Etc.) the official website is the most obvious outlet.

Does Relacore Extra Work

This stress/body fat correlation does not appear to have any real convincing evidence to substantiate the claims. As for the anti-ageing benefit it would be prudent to look elsewhere for the elixir of youth.

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