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Sleeptox Detox Foot Pads

Sleeptox Detox Foot Pads

Diet pills are what you may call a considered purchase – first consideration is to decide if you want to you use them initially, then of course its which brand.

If there is a product that that should be considered a vital purchase, it is a detox product and particular Detox Foot Pads.

We were sent a 5 day course of Sleeptox Detox Foot Pads – and afte initial skepticism are now addicted to using them

The detox process is often thought of as a highly invasive colonic irrigation type procedure costing several hundreds pounds – the Sleeptox System on the other hand costs twenty quid and offer similar benefit.

Sleeptox 5 Day Detox Course £19.99

What Are Sleeptox Pads And How Do They Work

Sleeptox Foot Pads simply attach to the underside of your feet and stay in situ for 8 hours or so while you get a good night sleep. The pads are self adhesive and unlikely to fall off.

The pads draw out toxins from the soles of your feet over an 8 hour period and leave you feeling refreshed, detoxed and energised in the morning.

Sleeptox is relative newcomer to the market but is already starting to become popular with many satisfied customers claiming to feel the benefits even after just a week.

“Although there are many detox solutions available we are yet find one as simple and effective as Sleeptox”

How Do Sleeptox Foot Pads Work

Each pack contains ten pads which is enough for a 10 day detox programme.

Sleeptox is best used while you are sleeping – apply at night before you go to bed, you can also wear socks if you wish, it will not interere with the pad mechanic of action.

When the detox pads are pulled off you will be shocked at how the pad has changed colour – it looks as if they have been soaked in tea. This discolouration caused by the detox process and the toxins that have been drwn through the soles of your feet. You simply have to use them to believe them!!!

Sleeptox Ingredients

Everything is totally natural and suitable for the most fussy of consumers, ingredients include: Wood Vinegar Extract, Bamboo Vinegar Extract, Chitin, Chitosan, Tourmaline, Vitamin C, Vegetable Fiber, Minus Ion Powder, Dextrin.

Sleeptox Footpads Health Benefits

Moden dat living exposes us to a high level of pollution – not just in the air but also our diet.

Sleeptox Foot Pads can help remove all the excesses and pollution of modern day living while also regenerating healthy cells.

  • Very easy to use, just apply, go to sleep and remove in the morning.
  • Inexpensive compared to other detox solutions.
  • Natural and side effect free.

Where To Buy Sleeptox Foot Patches UK

Sleeptox is available from authorised UK reseller Evolution Slimming. A five day detox supply will set you back £19.99 with special discounts available from time to time.

A current offer is a 60 day supply with 20 patches supplied FREE.

For more information visit Evolution Slimming


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