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Does Boots Triple Action SlimAid Work

Triple Action SlimAid Review

Triple Action SlimAid as the name suggests is a combination diet pill aimed at drawing upon three of the most common and widely used weight loss technologies.

It is produced in-house by Boots Pharmaceuticals and one of several own brand diet products uniquely formulated as Boots appear to being replacing third party brands with their own.

As of 2013 there are rumours that it could be phased out. In truth it has never been as popular as the manufacturers would have wanted.

How Does Triple Action SlimAid Work

The product is classed as multivitamin food supplement with standardised potato extract, kelp and green tea,

Simply take one tablet before each meal.

The Potato Extract is the appetite suppressing ingredient and helps to make you feel fuller for longer, whilst the B vitamins and Kelp burn calories and maintain normal energy levels.

Green tea is effective for increasing energy expenditure and can help maintain a health body mass index.

Triple Action SlimAid Side Effects

Boots Pharmaceutical rigorously test all their own brand product for safety. Thete should be no adverse reaction if taken as recommended.

Does Boots Triple Action SlimAid Work

Sadly, this is not the greatest diet product that Boots have produced. It falls short compared to some of the high profile diet products currently in circulation.

Where To Buy Triple Action SlimAid

Either from selected branches of Boots or from the official website. A month supply (30 tablets) will cost between £20 and £25

Buy Triple Action SlimAid From Boots

What Other Diet Pills To Consider

capsiplexnewCapsiplex is arguably the most popular non-prescription diet pill in the UK. It is a fat burner that burn nearly 280 calories per day without exercise. It is free from side effects and contains only natural ingredients

Capsiplex has been involved in so many weight loss successes from all over the world.

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