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Zantrex 3 High Energy Fat Burner

Zantrex-3 High Energy Fat Burner Review

Zantrex-3 High Energy fat burner is the latest release from Zoller Labs, it much the same  formula as the original just a higher strength version.

It is currently one of the more talked about weight loss supplements on the market.

Despite its marketing as a major breakthrough in weight loss, and the various herbs and healthy-sounding ingredients (such as Niacin, Ginseng, and Guarana) that make up its composition, it essentially boils down to a caffeine pill, which each serving (2 pills) packing 320 mg of caffeine.

That’s equivalent to drinking 30 ounces of instant coffee; in one giant gulp.

How Does it Work

Zantrex-3’s main claim to fame is that it suppresses appetite, which should of course lead to losing weight. Secondary to that is that it boosts energy, which would presumably help one maintain an active lifestyle that would further promote weight loss.

Effectively, Zantrex-3 does nothing physiologically to help one lose weight, it only provides one with slightly increased prospects of losing weight faster through their own actions.

It still requires commitment from the one taking it to eat properly, drink plenty of water, and exercise routinely. If one can do that, Zantrex may help them shed a few pounds faster. But if one can do that, they can likely shed weight on their own (albeit at a slightly slower rate), without Zantrex, and without the associated cost, both monetary and physical, in the form of side effects.

Potential Side Effects

Given its high caffeine content, Zantrex-3 comes with the same side effects that accompany too much caffeine consumption, including making the user nervous, hyper, and/or jittery. It can also have a profound effect on one’s sleeping patterns, making it unwise to take any several hours before bedtime.

It also presents the same problems that caffeine consumption does when stopped for any length of time, which is to cause the user to crash from energy loss; unless of course they pop a couple more pills. As you can see, there’s a danger of becoming reliant on Zantrex-3 for energy, just as many people get hooked on sugar, soda, coffee, Red Bull, etc. for their energy needs.

Gastrointestinal problems are another commonly cited side effect of taking Zantrex-3. Many users have reported severe and repeated cases of both diarrhea and vomiting, and while bad enough in their own right, repeated episodes of either (or both), can lead to serious dehydration, which comes with its own set of hazards.

Should You Buy It

If you’re really desperate to lose weight at an accelerated pace, and have the discipline to make it happen, then Zantrex could benefit you. If you do decide to take a chance on Zantrex, you’d be wise to start out with just one pill per serving, rather than the recommended dosage of 2 pills. You can at least see how your body is reacting to high caffeine dosage then.

Everyone else should probably steer clear, as there isn’t enough true benefit here to justify the cost, and multitude of potential side effects.

Alternative Diet Pills

One the most effective and popular fat burners available to a UK customer base is Capsiplex.

It is made from capsicum (red hot chili pepper and cayenne pepper) and though to able help 280 calories per day.

Capsiplex has been featured in many media articles highlighting its merits.

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